overnight and day Boarding Services

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Boarding Services

Going out of town? Our boarding has you covered! We offer safe, clean facilities under regular daytime staff supervision and plenty of exercise and socialization for dogs. Our feline friends enjoy suites in a separate quieter boarding area where they have room to move and stretch and receive lots of attention. The best part is you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a veterinarian is just steps away if your pet needs medical care.

Please make sure your pet is up-to-date on all core vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We also ask that your pet is on current internal and external parasite prevention, and require a current, negative fecal.

Boarding Amenities

  • Indoor and outdoor runs
  • Ability to elect playgroups or individual play
  • Food, water, and bedding for the duration of their stay

Our spaces fill quickly, especially during summer, spring break, and holidays. We recommend you make your reservations as soon as your plans are confirmed and a minimum of two weeks in advance. To make a reservation at Kittery Animal Hospital, call us at 207-439-4158.

Day boarding packages

You can bring your dog to us in the morning on your way to work, shopping, running errands or whatever you need to do and we’ll provide them with fun activities while you’re away. It’s a great option for new puppies who need socializing, dogs with separation anxiety, or active dogs who need lots of exercise. The best part? You’ll take home a tired, happy dog to enjoy!

Rates for Doggy Daycare are $25 per day or $20 per day for multiple pets from the same household. We also offer package discounts if paid in advance:

5-visit package – $120

10-visit package – $250

We do offer daycare for dogs who are not friendly with other canines. They will be kept separate from other dogs and will get outside to play one-on-one with members of our kennel staff.

Rates – Canine (per night):

We charge by the night with an additional half-day charge if your pet is picked up after 3:00 pm on the day of departure.

Dogs up to 100 lbs. (includes “Group Play”) – $38.00

Roommate in same kennel per night – $31.00

X-Large Dogs (100 lbs & up requiring double kennel) – $45.00

Difficult Boarder * (dogs of any size with previous bite/aggression history) – $55.00

*not allowed in group activities

Intact canines are not allowed in group activities.

Rates – Feline (per night):

Cats except intact (unneutered) males – $26.00

Roommate boarded in same suite – $20.00

Intact male (boarded in separate area) – $27.00

Additional charges will apply for all nail trims, baths to go home, medication, or medical treatments while your pet is here. (See additional information below)

Boarding under hospital medical supervision (for pets with chronic or serious conditions-see additional information below) – $35

Please call for rates for boarding rabbits, ferrets, and other small mammals.

Rates may be subject to change without notice.

Reservations and Health Requirements

All boarding clients must have reservations prior to coming to board to ensure that we have the space and the time for your pet. This is especially important during holidays and school vacation weeks. We do require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your holiday reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations.

We ask that you please plan to drop your pet off no later than 30 minutes before closing time!

For the safety of all our boarders, we require proof that all pets have current vaccinations and be on internal and external parasite prevention.

Required Vaccinations and Preventives:


  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Negative fecal test for worms/parasites within past year
  • Distemper


  • Rabies
  • Distemper

All pets found to have fleas or worms on arrival will be treated on the way in at the owner’s expense.

All chronic medical problems need a history as well. If your pet is not a patient at Kittery Animal Hospital, we will need written proof of current vaccination status.

Pick-up and Drop-Off

Please be advised we can admit and discharge during business hours only! There will be a $15.00 additional fee for any transactions that occur during non-business hours.

What to Bring at Drop-Off:*

  • Medication(s) (in their original packaging, labeled correctly)
  • Food if we are feeding the same diet as at home.
  • Must be portioned individually for each feeding and clearly labeled with specific feeding instructions.
  • Treats
  • One toy
  • An article of clothing, small blanket or towel from home—this helps your pet feel safe while they stay with us and adjust more easily

Please label ALL your pet’s belongings, we will do our best to return them in good condition.

*Kittery Animal Hospital and Creature Comforts are not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen belongings.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Water or food bowls
  • Sticks, limbs or other wooden toys
  • Brushes or grooming equipment
  • Choke or Prong Collars
  • Pet beds—we will supply bedding that can be laundered easily!

Drop off and pick up times:

  • Monday – Friday, drop off/pick up 9 am-5 pm, (there is a ½ day charge if a pet is picked up after 3 pm.)
  • Saturday, drop off/pick up 9-3 pm
  • To help reduce your wait time at pickup we strongly recommend you call ahead to take care of your invoice day of pick up.

Veterinary Care

For your convenience, Kittery Animal Hospital offers our established clients the option to have annual vaccinations and routine exams done while your pet is boarding at our hospital. Simply request this with your reservation and confirm it when you check in.

While it rarely happens, emergencies may prevent us from getting to your pet’s routine care, and the service may need to be rescheduled as a regular appointment. We do strongly recommend that all annual wellness exams be scheduled with a veterinarian to ensure that we discuss everything that is going on with your pet’s health.

Medication and Medically Supervised Boarding

We’re happy to administer oral medications to your pet as prescribed or needed during his or her stay with us for an additional charge. You will need to bring the medication with you in its original container, along with detailed instructions as to how and when it to be given. If you are not a client of Kittery Animal Hospital, we will need to briefly confirm with you the reason for the medication so we can be alert to any problems while your pet is here.

Special needs animals such as diabetics, seizure watch animals, and multiple chronic issues with medication administrations will require boarding under hospital medical supervision and a previous medical history about their condition. These cases must be scheduled and seen by one of our veterinary technician staff members. Boarding will be charged at a different rate, ‘boarding under medical supervision’ is charged at $55.00 per night. All current medical history and medications must be present at intake. Ideally, we should see these pets prior to their arrival for boarding, but if that is not possible, you should allow an additional 15 to 20 minutes at drop-off for a signed estimate and permission to treat. Medically supervised boarding guests are not allowed in group activities.>

Special Diets

Kittery Animal Hospital has experienced pet food nutritionists on staff to ensure your pet gets the right diet for his or her needs. We currently feed our boarding dogs Purina EN wet and dry and our boarding cats Purina EN dry. Animals with special needs diets are no problem for our trained staff. We ask that you weigh your pet on the way in so we can be sure that their dietary needs match the level of activity they experience while here for any future stays.

If you prefer we feed your pet the same food you give at home, you are welcome to bring it with you at drop-off. Please make sure there are individually bagged portions for the number of days your pet will be with us, and that the food is clearly labeled.

Puppy Play Time

Got a young one? If group play is not an option during your pet’s stay, we will be happy to arrange daily “one on one” playtime for an additional charge. You’ll have a choice of activities for your dog, from active fetching to peaceful easy strolls and cuddle time, depending on your pet’s personality and activity level. We can also do a 15-minute brush and rub if you like—but whatever you choose, your pet is given lots of affection and attention!