Boarding Client Authorization Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible.

Boarding Client Authorization Form

It’s very important that you fill out this form preferably 48 hours prior to drop off. Every time your pet boards with us, we will need a new form filled out with the correct dates. If you have more than one pet boarding with us, you will need to fill out the form for each pet boarding. We also encourage you to call us prior to pick up to process your bill before pick up.

If you would like your pet bathed/groomed by our groomer while boarding, please call us at 207-439-4158 to schedule it ahead of time, as grooming does book fast. If you have already scheduled the groom while boarding, please put the date, it's scheduled. If your pet is being groomed on the day of pick up, plan on picking up in the afternoon when the groomer calls that the services have been rendered.

Washable blankets, toys, and special belongings are welcome as long as they pose no threat to the pet. Kittery Animal Hospital ASSUMES NO FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONDITION OF THEIR RETURN OR LOSS.
If the pet becomes ill other than diarrhea and requires veterinary attention, the kennel has permission to seek medical attention with one of our staff veterinarians at the owner’s expense. Owners understand they are assuming their own risk, and Kittery Animal Hospital will not be held financially responsible for any expenses incurred from injury, illness, or exposure to illness during or after a boarding stay.
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