Boarding Policy

Learn more about our boarding policy below.

Boarding Policy

Payment is due at the time of departure, we accept cash, personal checks, traveler’s checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Scratchpay, and CareCredit, we do not bill. If your pet is staying more than 7 days we will need to have a 50% deposit or credit card on file before you go.

To maintain the health of all our visitors, we require that dogs be vaccinated against Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and Canine Cough (Bordetella), they must have proof of a negative fecal within a year as well as be on a monthly internal and external parasite preventative. Cats must be vaccinated against Feline Distemper and Rabies and outdoor cats must be on a monthly external parasite preventative. Vaccinations MUST be verified in writing, you may have your veterinarian fax your pet’s history to 207-438-9155, email your information to info@kitteryanimalhospital.comf or by a telephone call to your veterinarian’s office prior to dropping off at the kennel.

If a pet is found to be in need of any of the above vaccinations or treatments, Creature Comforts and Kittery Animal Hospital Inc. maintains the right to have your pet vaccinated with only the required vaccines or treatment, the owner assuming full financial responsibility.

If the boarding pet becomes ill requiring veterinary attention, the kennel has permission to seek medical attention at the owner’s expense. We will make every attempt to contact you for life-threatening situations but reserve the right to treat if not able to contact if needed.

All incoming pets with fleas will be given a flea treatment at the owner’s expense.

Small washable blankets, toys, and special belongings are welcome.

We charge by the night with an additional half-day charge if your pet is picked up after 3:00 pm on the day of departure, this is because we have started our evening treatments and tucking in for the night after this time. (The half-day charge does not apply if your pet is being groomed on the day of departure or for Sunday afternoon pickups since pick up on Sunday is limited to 2 hours in the afternoon.)

We will admit and discharge during business hours only, there is a $15.00 fee for any transactions that occur during non-business hours.

Upon dropping off your pet on the boarding day you will be asked to sign a form agreeing to the above policies. If your pet has never stayed with us before or if you are not a veterinary client of Kittery Animal Hospital we will ask you to fill out the new client form which you can find below. Please give a description of any medical issues that your pet may have prior to boarding as well as numbers to contact you or your veterinarian if a medical emergency may arise.