Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace can boost happiness, productivity, and engagement. And, more companies than ever before are choosing to allow their employees to bring pets to work more often. But just because an employer allows it, doesn’t mean it’s a good option for every pet. Here are four tips to know if your dog is an office pup. 

  1. Be sure your dog is ready for an office visit. Is your dog up to date on all vaccines? Has he ever shown fear, aggression, or anxiety when meeting new people or animals? Has he been freshly bathed and groomed? These are all questions to consider before taking your furry pal to the office with you. Bring a copy of your pup’s vaccination records to the office, and, if your dog doesn’t dig strangers, perhaps it’s best to leave him home.
  2. Don’t force colleagues to interact with your pup. It might seem crazy, but not everyone loves dogs. Some of your colleagues may fear dogs, and some may be allergic. When you and Fido strut into the office, it’ll be obvious which coworkers want to interact with your dog and which don’t. Always keep your dog on a leash in common areas and safely confined to your office or cubicle when off-leash. 
  3. Come prepared. Pack a bag for your dog and include anything he might need throughout the day: food, treats, bowls, toys, a leash, cleanup bags, a bed or blanket, etc. You may also want to bring cleanup products, like paper towels and pet-safe spot cleaner. 
  4. Think ahead. Perhaps your week is unusually meeting-heavy. Don’t plan to take your pup to work if you have plans away from your desk for much of the day, and never leave your dog in your car for any reason.

Not sure if your dog is ready to go to work with you? Call our office.